Handles for Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Handles for Interior Doors

Gildo Profilati now offers a new type of product which further extends the already huge range of products currently in our catalogue.

We are talking about EXTRUDED HANDLES for doors and drawers,  designed specifically to complement and decorate drawers, cabinet doors, bathroom cabinets, or any other type of furniture.

 Gildo Profilati handles are available in various versions:

  • from classic handles which can be screwed directly onto the surface
  • to plugged handles that are applied to the edge of a panel which has previously been grooved
  • adhesive handles created for glass cabinet doors or smooth, flat surfaces

Gildo Profilati Handles, unlike most products on the market, are produced with EXTRUSION technology and not by MOLDING plastic or metal materials.

Cabinet and drawers handles
  • Our handles do not necessarily need pre-fix “steps” when the fixing screws are attached to the panel. This means that two or more screws can be put in, ensuring greater tensile strength.
  • Gildo Profilati handles can be customized: different customers can buy the same product and choose the length they required, precisely because our handles are extruded bars, and so they can be cut to measure, starting with 2-meter-long bars
  • Our handles are made with an aluminium coating and polymer resin, which give the product peerless beauty with exclusive and high-quality finishes
  • Gildo Profilati Handles can match the colour of the edgebanding that already decorates the panel, thus providing a perfect and exclusive match between the edgebanding and the handles. They therefore look beautiful on the cabinet or draw

On request, we can also produce extruded handles that can be subsequently completed with the most suitable caps.

Aluminum handles for cabinet doors and drawers