Pull-Out Magic Corner: The sliding kitchen basket

Decorative edges for "Magic Corner"

Gildo Profilati, which has always been focused on market developments, is now able to provide mirrored or colored chrome edges and profiles at the request of the customer for the sector of pull-out baskets for kitchen units or sliding columns made of steel wire.

The world’s best manufacturers of components for kitchen furniture made of metal wire have found in Gildo Profilati an ideal partner in the production of extruded coated profiles made of polymeric resins to edge the bases of rotating baskets and sliding columns.

In particular, Gildo Profilati did not leave anything to chance or improvisation and was able to provide – for each individual manufacturer of wire baskets – a product that meets the specific requirements of the customer considering parameters such as:

Decorative mouldings ideal for couches and sofas
  • the THICKNESS of the panel used as the base of the kitchen basket (eg 10 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm)
  • the FLEXIBILITY required to follow the most extreme angles of the panel
  • the COLORING of the most suitable edge for furniture finishing
  • the SHAPE of the edge in order to make each profile unique for each product
  • the high QUALITY of the wrinkle-free profile on the extreme curves and without risk of delamination on the surface

The profiles for the magic corner extractable baskets have solved important problems such as metal wire components

  • the cutting and bending of the profile – that initially was essentially made of steel while – now no special machinery is needed because the edge is made of thermoplastic material
  • the speed and ease of application that can occur both manually and mechanically thanks to the profile packaged in rolls or cut to size
  • the optimization of production costs, drastically reduced thanks to the use of the profile made of polymeric resins
Pull-Out Magic Corner: The sliding kitchen basket

Gildo Profilati, always the standard bearer of the real “made in Italy”, is pleased to accept new challenges and to make itself available to the best manufacturers of kitchen furniture.