Sofa Legs & Furniture Feet decoration
Decorative mouldings ideal for couches and sofas

Sofa Legs & Furniture Feet Decoration

Gildo Profilati has recently renewed its collection of adhesive and plugged profiles specifically designed to decorate the outer surface of sofa legs and chairs or furniture feet in exclusive finishings.

As you may know, the exposed surface of sofa legs and armchairs is often recognised as a key point to be decorated, this decoration can enhance the visual appearance of the object and give an added value.

Some particular features which distinguish Gildo Profilati profiles from similar products on the market are:

  • They are conditioned in lengths or rolls to keep scraps during processing as low as possible
  • They can be easily applied whether plugged into a nut (previously worked out in the leg) or glued on to flat profiles  with a double-faced adhesive
  • PVC and aluminium profiles are available for this application, both are very flexible and easy to be processed. No particular facilities are required for cutting and bending, even where tight radii are foreseen
  • They can be supplied in different metal-effect designs, even with a mirror-shine effect, providing a high visual impact
  • Customised shapes and decorations can be developed on customer’s request.

Please do not hesitate to contact the company for any further information.

Embossed profiles and mouldings made of pvc
Embossed profiles and mouldings made of pvc