Decorative Wall Corner Guards

Wall Corner Guards & Decorative Edge Protectors

Wall corner guards for walls and decorative edge protectors, within the interior decoration, are born with a dual function; on the one hand there is the need to decorate and finish a bare and bare-looking wall with design elements that make an room, such as a living room, welcoming and pleasing to the eye in a simple and immediate way.

On the other hand, architects involved in interior decoration are sensitive to the importance of accident prevention measures in living spaces to safeguard older people and lively children who often get injured by bumping into sharp corners and sharp corners of walls and walls.

Following these guidelines, Gildo Profilati has conceived a series of angular profiles corner guards with a unique appearance, if evaluated on an aesthetic level, and functional if considered from the point of view of protecting people.

The corner guards of Gildo Profilati are made thanks to a complex coextrusion process whose raw materials are ALUMINUM and thermoplastic granules which give the product characteristics of absolute value.

The thermoplastic resin wraps and protects the aluminum, making it resistant to scratches while keeping the surface intact and at the same time the aluminum, in its many finishes and mirror or satin colors, gives to the wall on which is applied that touch of elegance and style makes a living environment unique.

The angular profiles can be made on specific customer request both for what concerns the dimensions of the sides and in the colors and finishes of the surface.

The packaging takes place in bars cut to a fixed size or with a customized cut if required.

Aluminum corner guards