Edgebandings for Automatic Edgebanders

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Aluminum Edgebanding

Gildo Profilati’s Edgebandings, different from the ones commonly found on the market, are top quality, highly prestigious products offering a unique and exclusive look to the panel.

Provided with a water based primer overleaf, they are applied with the aid of traditional hot working edgebanders. Gildo Profilati’s edgebandings are carefully conditioned in 100 or 200 mt.-rolls, each one packed in a cardboard box.

They are protected by a protective film to then be removed after application, once the object is finished. Gildo Profilati’s edgebandings are non-toxic and fire-proof.

Please consult the instructions for a correct application and don’t hesitate to CONTACT US in case of need.

Embossed edgebanding for automatic edgebanders
Edgebanding for automatic edgebanders

Application tips and technical information

  • It is recommended that an appropriate adjustment of the edge bander by an skilled operator
  • We strongly recommend the use of sharp blades
  • Gently and slowly remove the protective film
Edgebanding for automatic edgebanders
Edgebanding for automatic edgebanders.

Tips, storage and processing informations not binding for the company

  • Stocking temperature: 15-20 degrees C, humidity 55-65%
  • In case of cold stocking retrieve the edge bandings 12 hours at least before processing until they reach the suggested stocking temperature
  • Workplace temperature: 15-25 C°
  • HOT MELT Temperature: 200/210 ° C
  • Edgebander type: BIESSE STREAM B1 and similar
  • Application speed: 18/25 meters/minute
  • Cutting blades: 6 DIAMOND CUTTERS
  • Finishing blade, material: VIDIAM thickness 3 mm