Profiles for Interior and Cabinet Doors

Profili per Porte da interni e antine - Profiles for Interior and Cabinet Doors

Gildo Profilati’s range includes a rich family of products, plugged or adhesive, specifically designed to decorate interior doors and kitchen/cabinet doors. These products, consisting of plastic or aluminium, are well appreciated for their high quality and exclusive colours.

There are also decorative strips with precious crystals embedded in the center of the profile to give the surface where they are applied, be it an interior door or a cabinet door, a great visual impact and a touch of class and value

If compared to other similar products on the market, Gildo Profilati profiles are esteemed to be higher in quality and preferable, thanks to some particularities:

Crystal decorated profiles and strips
Fitted profiles and T mouldings with metallic and chrome finishing
  • They can be supplied in lengths or in rolls, as more convenient for the user, to keep scraps as low as possible
  • They can be applied either by plugging into a nut in the surface of the door, or glued on the door. In the case of flat profiles an adhesive strip is provided
  • No particular cutting device is required, whether a PVC or an aluminium profile is used, as both versions are very flexible and can be easily processed
  • They can be manufactured in different metal appearence materials, even in a mirror-shine effect, which can have a very effective look
  • New customised shapes and colours can be developed, on specific customer request

For any further information or sample requirement please contact the company