T-mouldings and Adhesive Edges Profiles

Embossed profiles and mouldings made of pvc
Embossed profiles and mouldings made of pvc

T-mouldings and Adhesive Edges consist of extruded profiles that are often applied milled through the panel and subsequent pressure of the product to the panel.

These profiles can be made with different raw materials and different degrees of flexiblity ranging from rigid profiles, packaged obviously in rods, to profiles more or less flexible that come in rolls.

In addition, the snap profile can be shaped at will and then mechanically anchored or cling to the product they intend to decorate.

In case you prefer to merge via adhesive, on the edge or profile is applied one or more strips of best quality double-sided adhesive. In this case it is strongly recommended to make sure that the surface which the profile has to adhere to is perfectly clean.

The company Gildo Profilati, is always focused on customer needs and is able to quickly and internally produce technical drawings and relative moulds of new products when needed.

T mouldings and PVC edges with wood finishing
T-mouldings and Adhesive Edges Profiles for Furniture