Photo-luminescent edge protectors and profiles

Gildo Profilati introduced itself in the promising luminescence sector and today is able to provide its first brand new line of profiles: edge protecting and angular photo-luminescent profiles.

Gildo Profilati is a well known and long-established Italian company. As leader in the interior decoration and furniture sectors, it has always been attentive to market evolution through its customers demands.

The company, even in this new sector, affirms itself as an ideal partner in order to find innovative solutions for current necessities.

Thanks to its technologically advanced machinery and fifty years of experience, GP is able to create moulds in order to comply with customers specific needs and requests.

In particular, the photo-luminescent profiles are constructed according to a co-extrusion of metals such as aluminium and a luminescent plastic formula thanks to a property owned technology.

Photoluminescent aluminum profiles and frames

The result which has been reached, is an excellent solution and compromise between decorative and safety necessities. Thanks to the photo-luminescent profiles, walking in the dark is no longer a problem as it prevents dangerous household injuries.

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