Adolfo Ragnoni. A name … An icon

I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate my first blog to a friend who can only be described as an icon of furniture components and accessories. Obviously after having said this I can’t be impartial, like a football fan talking about his favourite team but…who cares ? We can’t be always impartial or politically correct.

Adolfo Ragnoni works for the COMPOARREDO magazine which I really recommend you look at as it’s well worth it. As opposed to his competitors who are stickier than chewing gum under your shoe, he doesn’t sell advertisement spaces. Adolfo proposes in the end the client asks for them and Gildo Profilati benefits from them too.

It’s impossible not to acknowledge him. Not only because he wears his salt-and-pepper hair in an elegant pony tail or artfully ruffled purple trousers with a red jacket. Adolfo Ragnoni knows his job. He is always travelling the world and has a deep knowledge of all the trade fairs concerning our field, of the companies, the producers and the people involved. Edgebandings and profiles, knobs or handles hold no secrets for him.

When I have a problem and I don’t know where to turn, a call to the legendary Adolfo solves all my problems. As I said at the beginning: A name …An icon

Franco Bandelli