Decorative Aluminum Strips for Doors – Crystal Inserts – Metallic Frames

Decorative Aluminum Strips and Crystals Inserts for interior doors

The aluminum strips are an element that, in the decoration of interior doors as well as in every component of a valuable piece of furniture such as doors and fronts, has become a detail that can not be neglected and left to chance.

With this in mind, Gildo Profilati, a company that has always been at the forefront and attentive to the needs of an increasingly demanding and severe market, has developed a line of decorative aluminium strips and metallic profiles ranging made by simple coated pvc to the most complex products such as aluminum strips of any color embellished with Swarovski crystals if requested by the customer.

Decorative Aluminum Strips for Doors - Crystal Inserts - Metallic Frames
Decorative Aluminum Strips for Doors - Crystal Inserts - Metallic Frames

Gildo Profilati has indeed put a strain on the skills of its technicians realizing what no one had even imagined: an easy application that would give added value to a piece of furniture or a door that would certainly remain anonymous without the play of lights given away from the gems embedded in the aluminum strips.

But this is not all; the company’s proposals are multiple and of great visual impact for an unparalleled aesthetic result.

Today door and furniture manufacturers in general have new and varied possibilities to decorate their products in order to make each door or door a fundamental element in the living environment.

Let’s see together what are the peculiarities of the decorative profiles signed Gildo Profilati:

  • Depending on customer’s needs, aluminium strips can be packed in rolls, in order to avoid waste during processing, or in lengths
  • The application of aluminum strips takes place by simple adhesion of the double-sided adhesive, in the case of flat strips, or interlocking, after milling on the surface of the door
  • Unlike the profiles offered by other companies, the profiles of Gildo Profilati are extremely flexible and workable and therefore do not need special tools for cutting
  • There is a great variety of finishes and colors available whether they are metallic mirrors or solid colors to be combined with the underlying surface
  • The company is open and available to evaluate the demands of the most demanding customer by making itself available for the realization of new shapes and finishes

Gildo Profilati, an Italian company for 50 years on the domestic and international market, is the flagship of the real “Made in Italy” in the furniture decoration sector, in particular of interior and cabinet doors.

Decorative Aluminum Strips for Interior & Cabinet Doors