Gildo Profilati & Senoplast

We as GILDO PROFILATI are happy to inform our customers that we have started a Co-operation with the very well known and prestigious Austrian Company SENOPLAST, traditionally active all over the world as manufacturer of acrylic sheets for the Furniture Industry. Do not hesitate and have a look at their web site:

GILDO PROFILATI can supply edgebandings, in solid colours as well as in customized metallic decorations, in perfect combinations to the most common Senoplast finishings (see b.m. codes and attached pictures)

Solid colour
Tinta unita

Decorative line
Linea decorativa

Grey8855/Silver met 8854

Metallic grey
Grigio metallizzato
C23X1 EA125 597G

Metallic grey + decor. line
Grigio metal. + riga decor.
C23X1 EA125M2 602G

Colour BLACK 8102

Glossy black
Nero lucido
C23X1 EA125 579G

Glossy black + decor. line
Nero lucido + riga decor.
C23X1 EA125M2 603G

Colour BEIGE 7315

Glossy beige
Beige lucido
C23X1 EA125 435G

Glossy beige + decor. line
Beige lucido + riga decor.
C23X1 EA125M2 438G

Colour WHITE 1298

Glossy white
Bianco lucido
C23X1 EA125 383G

Glossy white + decor. line
Bianco lucido + riga decor
C23X1 EA125M2 346G

Please do not hesitate and contact us for any further news.