POLIPLAST: Knobs and handles signed by the real Made in Italy

Let’s imagine that the market is a ‘Mare Magnum’ where battle ships of various shapes and sizes face each other. As the leader of Gildo Profilati I often encounter an imposing vessel called Poliplast.

Leaving the metaphor behind for a while and coming back to reality, I wish to discuss Poliplast, a successful Italian company located by Treviso (www.poliplast.net). It has gained a lot of respect with excellent modern products while meeting the needs of the market and representing Italy with pride.

The company specialised in  thermoplastic injection moulding and offers a wide range of products including: handle holds, furniture feet and knobs, along with various accessories and moulded components.

The company was established in 1970 with a lot of determination and intuition which arose from the deceased founder Narciso  Bevilacqua. Thanks to the excellent work made by Mr. Bevilacqua’s sons and by Mr. Loris Drusian, their sales manager, the business prospers today not only on a national level but also faces the international market with success.

Poliplast’s participation in numerous important trade fairs such as SICAM in Italy and INTERZUM in Germany ensures excellent international brand knowledge and consumer awareness. Currently the company is extending overseas and directing its sail towards the emerging markets in India and Brazil which have become the promise land for Italian businesses.

The recently refurbished manufacturing plant occupies an area of over 3,000 square meters and employs approximately 40 dedicated workers that are all highly qualified to work with the modern equipment. Annually the company produces millions different products to meet the increasing demand. In fact, the sophisticated production department allows Poliplast to undergo specific processes with water transfer printing to create unique combinations of opaque and transparent finishings including embossed, matt and glass effects. The manufacturing process has evolved throughout the years with advanced machinery and technology constantly being updated.

I’d now like to refer to a recent interview with Loris Drusian in which you can see the guidelines and the philosophy inspiring the company Poliplast.

All the small things often become important and distinguishing features of furniture pieces, what principles are at the core of planning and design at Poliplast?

“At Poliplast it is very important for us to create a product that is attractive and functional. We believe that accessories are what make furniture unique and desirable so we strive to meet the individual wishes of all of our customers, whether this means producing matching accessories or unique contrasting ones. Our contribution of knobs, handles and furniture feet are products that can only be compared to the accessories that make high fashion. We aim to provide products that are functional and fashionable, attractive and practical.”

In your opinion, how is a furniture component important in modifying a piece of furniture?

“The accessories of anything are of the utmost importance as they are what make each product so unique, without them the market would all be the same. The modern furniture trend requires constant research and development to keep up to date with the demand for attractive and essential solutions. Often accessories become the only distinguishable characteristic that outline a product as unique. That is why we often receive individual orders for exclusive products that must be planned and designed specifically for the customer.”

Poliplast’s products can be applied to numerous different types of furniture. What product would you define as the most adaptable in terms of colour, size and solution?

“Our whole range of products is applicable to lots of different contexts thanks to the plastic material that it is made of. This material is very flexible and malleable allowing multiple finishings that look like wood, metal, glass or even cloth with an endless choice of colours for handle holds, knobs and furniture feet. Moreover we are constantly updating the range of models for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, children’s rooms, professional environments and workplaces to keep up with contemporary demand.”

In the constantly developing global market what are Poliplast’s values and morals?

“First of all is honesty and dedication to the clients and suppliers that allow the company to grow in a professional and personal capacity. In addition, Poliplast makes a constant effort to maintain high level, quality products at a fair price. We have never invested in production outside of Italy, as we believe that genuine Italian products guarantee exquisite design and top-quality. Therefore, we have designed and manufactured products in Italy for over 40 years and will continue to produce impeccable results.”

For years Poliplast has invested in design and development, what do you think is the ratio between function and design?

“I believe that they are strictly connected as design cannot exist if there is not a mix of beauty and functionality. For a long time we have invested in design partnerships with highly-qualified designers because we believe that it is the best way to preserve the unique ‘made in Italy’ style amongst the global market.”

Well guys, after talking to Mr. Drusian I would like to wish Poliplast happy sailing and luck for the upcoming adventures overseas that markets and tough competitors for sure will provide.

Have a good day

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