The New Cabinet Handles by Gildo Profilati

Gildo Profilati is very pleased to introduce to the market  for the  first time, a new range of handles designed to finish kitchen doors, drawers, and other pieces of furniture.

A classic shaped, extruded handle covered by an aluminium coat which creates a modern, eye-catching look, which is required by the market today. This handle, which is available in many different finishings, is provided with caps on both sides, either black or aluminium grey, on customer’s preferance.

Our handles are anchored on the door by the aid of self-screwing screws which, piercing into the door panel, strongly fix the handle onto it. These handles are supplied in 2 meters lengths or cut to size, as per customer request.

This new handle created by Gildo Profilati offers several benefits  as described  in details below:

  • The handle being extruded, and not  moulded, can be delivered in long bars to be cut to size by the end user, whoever  it may be: the customer, a furniture manufacturer or a dealer.
  • Gildo Profilati handles allow the use of different types of screws for better anchoring onto the panels, as no pre-fixed distances are required. This is a very important advantage as prefixed distances represent a limit with any other moulded  handle on the market.
  • We can manufacture any length, even very short, a few centimeters, or very long, 1 or 2 mt, thus allowing our handles to be suitable for application on many pieces of furniture, even those very different from each other.
  • The aluminium coat can be customised in colour and decor design and matched to GILDO PROFILATI edgebandings. This innovative colour/design match between two products having the same coating/finishing is very nice and can be well appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.