Honeycomb Paperboard and Alveolar Cardboard

As often happens, man borrows ideas from nature and implement them in our daily lives in the form of extremely different products and applications.

Honeycomb paperboard is a widely used product for various applications. It consists of cardboard plates combined with a honeycomb structure that creates a full-fledged cardboard panel that can have different thickness, weight and consistence according to the final application.

The honeycomb is made out of a series of hexagonal cells linked to each other creating a product with the very unique features that are worth to be emphasised.

Il Cartone Alveolare - Honeycomb Paper

Characteristics of honeycomb paperboard

1 – Eco-sustainable and eco-friendly product

The alveolar carton is 100% recyclable, it respects environment we live in and contributes to making life more sustainable in our planet. Therefore, it would be appropriate to call it “green product”

2 – Light and robust product

In spite of its appearance, the honeycomb cardboard is characterized by its robustness
and strength combined with being lightweight, handy, and easily transportable.

3 – Versatile and multifunctional product

The honeycomb cardboard has a great variety of applications in various fields. In fact, it is widely used in following sectors:
– Advertising sector and in “visual communication” such as display cases, tables, chairs, layouts of exhibition areas and booths.
– Furniture and accessories for shops and showcases, for both private and commercial use. Dividing, insulating walls and sound absorbing panels are also available.
– Packaging with low environmental impact as replacements of polluting materials such as plastic or polystyrene. In fact, honeycomb panels are completely recyclable, durable and shock absorbing in addition to being particularly lightweight.

Possibilità del Cartone Alveolare

4 – Highly customizable product

The alveolar cardboard – being printable on both sides – finds its maximum expression in communication products of a great visual effect such as advertising totems or exhibition panels.

Gildo Profilati, focused on the development in the market, has long paid particular attention to honeycomb cardboard being aware that in the years to come, it will conquer the mass market.

The company provides mouldings, profiles and edgebandings that, on the one hand, cover the exposed part of the board by protecting it from moisture, water or debris while, on the other hand, decorate and complete it with finishes of various colours including mirror effect.

If necessary, Gildo Profilati is available to provide samples or examine specific requests from customers.

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