Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinets & Sliding Storage Baskets

Colonne Estraibili e Cestelli Girevoli per una cucina d'avanguardia !

A top brand kitchen needs the best !

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinets & Sliding Storage Baskets

The kitchen is certainly the place where people spend most of their time at home nowadays and it is a space not only for food preparation but also for sharing the most intense moments in family life.

It is in this context that kitchen cabinets are made with ever greater care. They are full of details and attentions that increase and improve both functionality and aesthetics.

It is therefore not surprising that the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen furniture components have focused their energies on the creation of interior elements such as “magic corner” baskets, sliding pantries and pull-out columns.

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinets & Sliding Storage BasketsThank to these elements, cabinets turn themselves from disordered drawers and corners that are difficult to reach in functional and well-equipped spaces.

From cutlery trays to dividers to compartments, all the accessories to make the most of the inside of the drawers allow you to easily find what you need when you are busy in the kitchen.

With these premises in mind, the step towards the realization of hidden components with great added value was brief. Today there are elements inside the furniture that are judged not only by the functional aspect but also by the aesthetic side. The details, once hidden in a retractable piece of furniture, are today a fundamental part of the pull-out columns or a sliding “magic corner” basket.

Gildo Profilati, a company that has always been focused on the market needs, is now able to provide mirrored or colored chrome edges and T-profiles for the kitchen sector of pull-out kitchen cabinets and sliding columns made of steel wire following any customer’s request.

T ProfilesThe most famous worldwide producers of components for kitchen steel wire components have found in Gildo Profilati the ideal partner and the source of profiles to edge the panels of steel wire baskets.

The edges, made of coated polymeric resins, meet specific technical requirements determined by the THICKNESS, the FLEXIBILITY, the COLORING and the SHAPE required by the customer.

The Gildo Profilati products play a role in the optimization of production costs allowing a greater application speed thanks to the profiles available in rolls or cutting to size, if required, also simplifying the bending and cutting  thanks to the soft thermoplastic resin .

Gildo Profilati, represents the real “made in Italy”, thanks to products always innovative and of the highest quality.